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We just got a show for Monday, May 16th @ The Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge) So if you want to go just let us know as soon as possible so we can put your name on the GUEST LIST! You can e-mail Give us full names of whoever you want on the list. We play at 8:45 and we'll get more information as soon as we can. We're just trying to get you guys in asap. Thanks. Peace.
The Knitting Factory 7021 Hollywood blvd Hollywood, CA ( -DEAD NORMAN


Hey everyone, we just got an official PO BOX where you can send us mail orders for CDs or any merchandise or love letters to Juan Solo. The address is

Dead Norman
3175 S. Hoover St. PMB 545
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Any mail should be sent there from now on.
Our CD, it is 3 dollars. If you want to order one, send us a message through MySpace for a confirmation or you can e-mail Here is the track listing:

1) Murder On Leighton
2) Hungry And Addicted
3) Where Do We Go From Here?
4) Today
5) BBV
6) Sergio's Revenge PART 2
Thanks a lot everybody Much Much Love. Peace. -DN

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